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Preschool Curriculum

In our preschool, a learning program appropriate to a particular developmental stage is offered in each age level.  That is the reason that our teachers are fully prepared with lesson plans to engage these young minds on a daily basis. In our A.C.E. curriculum, preschool students will be taught ways to identify colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc.

They will also be learning how to read, count, write, and even type on a computer.  We want all of our students at Abraham's Christian Academy to take away a strong educational and social foundation that will assist them for the rest of their lives.  

Elementary School Curriculum

At Abraham's Christian Academy, we believe that education is the most important thing that we can give our students.  Most subjects taught in the classrooms, as we do provide an advanced education but are going to strive to make sure each and every student understands the lesson being taught.  There will also be a minimum of three scholarly field trips throughout the school year.

We want every student to succeed and give special attention to any students that need more help.  Our parents are an important part of our school and are a vital part to the success of our school.  We expect all parents to be involved with their child's education, as it is a necessity for our students to reach their full academic ability. 
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Summer Program

Abraham's Christian Academy offers a dynamic and engaging Summer Program designed to keep children actively learning and having fun during the summer months.

The Summer Program aims to provide a balanced mix of academic reinforcement and enjoyable experiences, ensuring that children remain engaged and continue to develop their skills in a relaxed and fun environment.